Some important info for you...

Just wanted to write a little note here to you brownie & cookie ordering babes to try and alleviate any stress and/or confusion when it comes to ordering your epic baked goods!

So you might have seen that I have switched to a courier service to send your brownies out. Royal Mail are dealing with a lot right now and it just wasn’t working to get brownies out to you quickly and safely!

So now all brownies* will be couriered and get to you hopefully in 1-2 working days. If its three that’s just Corona doing its damnedest to try and bugger up the system but hopefully this shouldn’t be the case but is still better than 2 weeks! All mail carriers are dealing with an influx of mail order due to the lockdown sitch and they’re all doing the best they can!

*Except Northern Ireland & Scotland. Unfortunately I learnt the hard way that the courier costs £18.75 to ship  to NI/SCT and I cannot expect anyone to want to pay that. So parcels to N.I & Scotland will still be shipped by Royal Mail. Please understand that once the parcel is with the Royal Mail it is out of my hands and any delays need to be taken up with the Royal Mail.

Good thing about the courier service is not only is it quicker but its also fully tracked so if you are waiting after a couple days I can send you the tracking number and you can see where your parcel is!

So I have worked the courier price into the brownies. I’ve had to put them up slightly by £2 but I’m taking most of the hit myself just so your stuff can get to you! I would rather do that than get sad when I see an influx of “my order still isn’t here yet” emails. There’s nothing worse when you’re doing your best to put a smile on faces and it’s not working!

Cookies are still sent by Royal Mail first class because at the price point they are I would have to add the £7 to them and that’s a ridiculous price for a cookie! Even if they are amazing. Also, the cookies have a longer shelf life of 4 weeks so even though it might be a bit shit if they’re late they’re still going to be perfect!

You can choose the cookie courier option though if you need to get something somewhere quick and you want to have it tracked. Kinda like special delivery with the royal mail. But obvs you will have to pay extra for that. The hack is… if you order cookies with your brownie I will stick them in the same courier bag and you get your cookies couriered for FREE! BOOM!


So, because I am technologically backwards and my website provider is the worst, I have tried to do the shipping options by product but try as I might I cannot stop the courier option defaulting to £7 if you pick courier when you order both cookie & brownie!


If you are ordering a brownie you can choose any of the options; Brownie Courier or First Class Royal Mail and these will automatically be sent with the courier.

If you add a cookie to your brownie order and it’s going to the same address… Choose Brownie Courier or First Class. This will automatically mean all your bits will be sent by courier.

If you want local delivery, for local Leicester non-contact delivery… Choose that option.

If you want to just order a cookie. Choose first class unless you want it couriered. If you do… Choose the Cookie Courier option.

I hope this helps and answers any questions you may have. It only seems to go wrong if you order brownie and cookie and choose the courier service. I can’t fix it. I’ve been on the phone to my website provider for ages and this is no help. So please choose the right option. I can’t refund because I pay a fee to the provider not only on the order transaction but also on the refund transaction. So to refund would mean I was truly out of pocket.

Courier/Post/Local Delivery is still weekly on Mondays.

I am truly humbled by all your orders and massive support for my little business.

I honestly love you all.

Bitsy xxx

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