Some important info for you...

A lil heads up from me!


Lockdown has eased a little bit even though I'm still one of the ones that isn't entirely comfortable with the idea and am stiiiiillll in my little bubble but there we are.

I have decided to go back to using Royal Mail for my shipping so I can bring back down the prices of the brownies! Win for youuuu!

It seems that delays are more rare nowadays as the country seems to be coping a little better with everything. So you brownies & cookies will be sent first class with Royal Mail and this shipping method is included in your final price. So is local Leicester delivery. So if you're in my radius (check here) your order will be hand delivered by yours truly. Please bear in mind that I am not a postman and have no calling cards if you're not in when I make your delivery and I can't reschedule. I deliver on Mondays at the mo so just make sure you're around! If your neighbours are cool I can also leave with them and drop you a message to say so. Cookie orders fit through most post boxes. Yay!

First class is usually 1-3 days but please bear in mind once your order is with Royal Mail it is out of my hands. Please be patient as even though most post is back to normal we are still  in a global pandemic and things mayyyy be a lil slower. 

Don't panic. Brownies have 2 weeks shelf life in their heat sealed packaging and cookies 4 weeks. So everything will be super yummy even if the worst happens. Which is rare!

If you're ordering a prezzie or simply cant wait. There is the option to choose Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery at checkout which is fully tracked. So all the bases are covered.

Happy munching!

I am truly humbled by all your orders and massive support for my little business.

I honestly love you all.

Bitsy xxx

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