Dog friendly but please bear in mind Graff HQ have a resident dog, Sento.

He is an utter babe but he is large and this is his home so we just ask that you pop your head in first so we can put his lead on and please make sure your pooch is on the lead at all times.

Limited parking available.

Well! This is a surprising turn of events! 
I am opening a glorious bakehouse so that this internet wall is knocked down and you can all visit me in real life and get your hands on the most epic cake and other baked goods pretty much whenever you want them!
Alongside that there's gonna be awesome coffee and food options. So make it your go to lunch spot! Everything will be veggie with loadsa vegan options.
It's gonna be in a really cool building down by the canal in Frog Island and my building roomies are Graff HQ which is an awesome art shop.
There are tables so you can sit in and loads of pretty walks around. It's my fave bit of Leicester!
Opening date is Saturday 26th September 2020! 
(Click for full event deets)
I hope to see y'all there. Because it really wouldnt be possible without all of you and the support youve given me through the pandemic and through the years. 
Also! If you're not in Leicester mail order will be back soon! But please come visit!
It will be soooo worth the trip!
Once you find it you won't forget it!
Here's a map!  

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